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Like most writers, I want to be read. I am a Lakota journalist, a columnist. You may have read some of my writing in Indian Country Today (indiancountry.com) or on indianz.com. All my columns, as well as other writings, are here in the archive, and you are most welcome to read them, download them, or send them to others.

I want to especially invite publications in the Native American press community to feel free to reprint any article they may want. I would ask that I be given credit for the article, and that my web address be included.

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Big Thanks, Wopila tanka
Chuck Trimble, Chashasha, Red Willow



#########Who is Iktomi?

In Lakota mythology Iktomi is a trickster and a culture hero. His name in Lakota language means “ground spider,” and he has a large round belly and long spindly legs and arms. He is the son of Inyan, the rock, and the elder brother of Iya, the great devourer. In the ancient days, Iktomi was Ksa, wisdom, but he was stripped of his title because of his troublemaking ways. Most of his schemes end with him falling to ruin when his intricate plans backfire. There is said to be a prophecy that Iktomi would spread his web over the land. Today, this has been interpreted by some to mean the internet. Iktomi is considered by some to be the patron of all new technology. Yet others consider Iktomi to be the adopted god of the Europeans, who seem to readily follow in his bizarre behavior and self entrapping tricks.